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2018     |     Digital Photography


I have always been drawn to the exploration process of photographing. Not setting an exact destination allows my mind the freedom of openness, creating an unknown journey to the unexpected. I never know what I will find, but when I see these spaces there is an immediate connection and draw to documenting them as they are in the here and now. A sense of courage turns the car around, followed by a sense of wonderment as I explore grounds and buildings of the forgotten. What happened here? Is a question I often ask myself, and silence is all I hear in return. I am mesmerized by the dilapidation of small town Texas and combine deadpan styled photography with intimate detail shots, always seeking to frame the image so that the viewer feels in the space with me. The aesthetic decision to print black and white removes the distraction of life, and brings the focus back to the man-made objects themselves. Although these spaces are unique in location, elements such as lines, shadows, and textures help to determine each image chosen for gallery viewing.

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